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Talking to Non-Orthodox

On my way back home from a recent trip I listened to a lot of Orthodox podcasts.  Sometimes I need a big block of time to catch up.  I heard a lot that was excellent.  That’s no surprise with Ancient Faith Radio of course, but one particular show (not to be named) was dealing with…

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Mary, Save Us

I thoroughly enjoy the writings of Father Stephen Freeman.  His recent post on Mary is just too good to pass up.  Mary is such a hot-button issue for Protestants that I want to quote it here.  I highly recommend reading and subscribing to Fr. Stephen’s blog directly, or listen to his podcast.  Better yet, do…

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Conversations on Orthodoxy Episode 8: John and Bobby Maddex

This one’s been a long time coming, but after clearing out other episodes that had to get done first, and getting past the new baby slump, I finally had time to work on it.  You can listen to the interview with John and Bobby Maddex of Ancient Faith at the Conversations on Orthodoxy blog at http://conversationsonorthodoxy.com/episode-8-john-and-bobby-maddex/…

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New Collective Blogs: Orthodox Road, Eremos, Climbing the Ladder, and Orthodox Ruminations

Welcoming new blogs to the Orthodox Collective. Orthodox Road: My name is Jeremiah and like so many Christians today, especially those in my younger generation, I have become disillusioned with this thing that people call church.  I felt burned out and frustrated with the concert-style of Sunday morning services.  I felt called to lead in…

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Church, Tradition, and Scripture pt 4

Read part 1, part 2 or part 3. Back to my look at Church, Tradition, and Scripture, a small polemic against the Orthodox Church that nicely demonstrates many Protestant misconceptions.  I’d like to state again that I intend no disrespect to the author of this short work.  It just serves as a nice demonstration, no more. So, picking…

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