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Lord of the Hunt

So, completely, worth it.  I’m talking about a little self-published book by Steve “the builder” Robinson called “Lord of the Hunt and Other Tales of Grace.”  At $4.99 for the kindle version, this won’t break anyone’s bank.  You can read it through in a short time, and it has lots of small chapters. This is…

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Indefinite Pause, and a book!

I’m pushing the pause button here.  For a variety of family and personal reasons I need to leave this blog and certain other things alone for a time.  I don’t know exactly when I’ll peek back above the surface, but wanted to at least acknowledge my absence in some way. Oh yeah, and I just…

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Orthodox, Just Like Catholic

I was talking with my mother-in-law today.  She had a run in with a person who asked about my family.  Where were we going to church?  My MIL told her that we were Orthodox now, and the person asked her how she felt about that.  Dear MIL hasn’t delved very deeply into the history of…

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Conversation #9: Dr. Rico Vitz

I just posted a new podcast episode featuring an interview I did with Dr. Rico Vitz of Azusa Pacific University.  You can find the episode at http://conversationsonorthodoxy.com/episode-9-dr-rico-vitz/.  You’ll also find links to subscribe if you so choose.   Yes, that’s all I managed to do over the holidays……

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Church of England Implodes

It’s been somewhat of a banner month for the Church of England, if by banner month you mean complete, utter disaster.  Perhaps that’s too strong.  Semi-utter disaster maybe?  I don’t know.  I think I’ll stick with complete.  And utter. So, to recap for those who missed all the fun.  First, the former Archbishop of Canterbury,…

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