Lord of the Hunt

Lord of the HuntSo, completely, worth it.  I’m talking about a little self-published book by Steve “the builder” Robinson called “Lord of the Hunt and Other Tales of Grace.”  At $4.99 for the kindle version, this won’t break anyone’s bank.  You can read it through in a short time, and it has lots of small chapters. This is great for a quick pick-up reading experience.

Now, the book, like most any self-publish enterprises (including my own) is fraught with issues.  The book is uneven, repetitive, and sometimes wordy.  The e-book version needs a lot of formatting checks.  It’s really all over the place.  And it’s not a huge amount of content for the price.

None of this matters.  You must buy this book.

Ok, you don’t have to, but you should, because this book is an absolute gem.  I picked this up after seeing that Steve and Fr Joseph have just published a new book with Ancient Faith called Fire From Ashes.  I wandered around Amazon and realized that Steve had published this previous book, and since it was fairly cheap I grabbed a copy.  Good move, self.

Steve has so much awesome packed in there that it would be a steal at twice the price.  Overlook the flaws and you’ll find something that really makes you think and feel and connect with God and others, or realize mostly that you don’t very well.  You have problems, and they become obvious in the blinding reflection of Steve’s honesty about his own problems.  His tales lead you to a great new appreciation for the love of God and how fearful are His works.  Lord have mercy on us all!

While reading this book I have wept multiple times, and in public.  Just tonight while eating at a little restaurant, waiting for my daughter to finish dance class and chewing on a burger, I burst into tears after reading one of the final tales of Grace.  I’m getting a little weepy just writing about it here.  No, I didn’t just get something in my eye.  I got a little reminder that my life should be in the garbage heap but God has been oh so merciful.

Thank you Steve for this little peek into how the grace of God has formed your life, and mine.  Thank you for your honesty.  Thank you for sharing.


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