New Collective Blogs: Orthodox Road, Eremos, Climbing the Ladder, and Orthodox Ruminations

Welcoming new blogs to the Orthodox Collective.

Orthodox Road:

My name is Jeremiah and like so many Christians today, especially those in my younger generation, I have become disillusioned with this thing that people call church.  I felt burned out and frustrated with the concert-style of Sunday morning services.  I felt called to lead in the church for years, but I realized that I’m simply not an entertainer (which is an unspoken demand and it frankly helps if you want people to come back next Sunday).So, I decided to set out on a journey to find a church that doesn’t make me feel like I’m striving against something inside of me at the end of the day.  While I’ve had some great times with some of the local congregations, I have simply felt the time has come for me to find something different.The purpose of this blog was to be a journal during my search for a church that met a number of criteria that I had (loving, open, theologically deep and accurate, not entertainment driven, community focused, one in which I can utilize my spiritual gifts without burning out, etc).My journey landed me in the Eastern Orthodox Church, of which I am now officially a communicant.  My goal was not to become Orthodox, but to find a church that enables me to love God and others more fully while growing deep spiritual roots.  I honestly didn’t think I would actually become Orthodox.  However, in Orthodoxy, I have found what I was looking for to a greater extent than I ever thought possible.


I am neither a theologian, nor a philosopher. My blog is essentially my story of how I arrived to Orthodoxy. I will share my struggles and thoughts of the last eight years, it may not all be “orthodox”, a lot will be my opinions. I hope and pray that my intellectual wanderings and times I wrestled with the Holy God will be edifying to you. I do not set myself up as an infallible authority, I try to ground and unify much of what I believe in Scripture and Tradition. So, please bear with me. Kyrie eleison.

Climbing the Ladder on Trochaic Feet:

It’s time.

For 8 years I’ve been attending St John of the Ladder Orthodox Church.
And I haven’t yet bothered to read his book.
I’ve written enough now to be able to call myself a poet.
And I’ve written so little worth reading.
It’s time to try to rectify both of those situations.
Announcing the blog:
Climbing the Ladder on Trochaic Feet
As I read the The Ladder of Divine Ascent, I will write my personal poetic ponderings and post them here.
I can’t promise clean or easy reading –
Know that my ruminations here are not from a place of authority. I am not a priest or clergy of the Orthodox Catholic Church. Anything spoken on about the Faith is from my study and experience in the Church thus far. I encourage all to check it out further and to read the lives of the Saints and Fathers if what I say here interests you; it is also encouraged you speak with an Orthodox priest if you have questions. Please do not take my writings as being from a place of authority; I am but a sinner with a crooked heart trying to love my crooked neighbors as I figure out what it means to be a Orthodox Christian in the 21st century in America. Enjoy. 

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Orthodox convert, writer, podcaster, husband, and father of six.

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