Upon This Rock

I became aware of a documentary about Protestant converts called Upon This Rock through some podcast I listened to a while back. Searching around for it yielded very little information (though it is being sold on Light and Life). Eventually I was able to track down and connect with the producer of this video and get some copies. This was a while ago. I was somewhat agitated to find out that the video, which had some excellent material and was useful for converts, was more or less dead. Somehow the project had run upon the rocks after getting completed. I don’t know the story, so I can’t say why.

Well, happily, the producer recently gave me the go ahead to put a copy of the video on the net. His only stipulation was that it had to be made available for free. This was no problem since I had no intention of trying to charge for it anyway.

So, I’m  happy to say that Upon This Rock is now available via Youtube for anyone to view.  You can view it on Youtube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l68PqaQcAaI.  It has a bit of a funky intro, but that’s normal.  Keep watching.

As you watch keep an eye out for a few faces you might recognize! ;o)

Oh! And PLEASE give it a thumbs up on YouTube and point people to the video. I’d like to have it receive a warm reception.


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3 thoughts on “Upon This Rock

  1. Thank you for making this available. This is a wonderful video! I was chrismated almost three years ago, and a lot of what each of the people interviewed said is exactly what I went through in my journey too.

    It was great seeing and hearing from Steve Robinson and Bill Gould, their “Our Life in Christ” podcast on Ancient Faith Radio was instrumental in my investigation into the Orthodox Church. It was also nice hearing Fr John Finley’s voice again, I miss his podcast “Singing The Triumphal Hymn”.

    • Their podcast was a big deal for me too in my conversion process. What they did is a treasure to more people than they will ever know, and I’m glad AFR continues to host. It continues to play a part in many people’s journey.

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