Power in the Blood


I wanted to throw out a quick thought I had today while listening to Radiolab this morning.  They recently had a very interesting episode regarding blood.  At the beginning of the episode you’ll hear about very early experiments carried out in an effort to determine what characteristics of the body were determined by blood.  Blood is transfused between a crazy man and a sheep to see if the man could be domesticated.  Dogs traded blood in an effort to transfer characteristics from one animal to another.  Eventually all such experiments failed and that line of inquiry was abandoned.

Surprisingly though this idea has resurfaced in new research, and it turns out that blood transfused can in fact provide new, helpful characteristics to the recipient that didn’t exist prior.  I found this to be a geekly satisfying thought.  I thrill to the scientific and cheer discoveries.  I can’t help but wonder, though, if this isn’t exactly the sort of thing happening in the Eucharist.  Does ingesting Christ himself transfer characteristics to us.  I’ve heard it said that the Eucharist is the only meal that ingests you.  It seems that there is some validity to that, both spiritually and physically, and I find that to be a neat thought.


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